Some pointers on revamping content on the intranet

The intranet content revisions are always a ‘lets quickly put something out there’ exercises.

While there are business requirements to get the ball moving, we often fail to step back and understand what finally drives the intranet. And I firmly believe it is content with a capital C.

Some learning which I have picked up along the way include…

Connect with customer needs: We jump to conclusions on how we percieve what the customer needs much before even asking

Improve navigational flow: The way the customer accesses content is critical to the success of the intranet. Very often we fail to move content closer to the end user resulting in many clicks and misses.

Sell the story: Is the end user knowing what to expect from the page and the business? How can we provide usable information upfront? Are we highlighting the call to action?

To sum up the content enhancements should include:

  • Focus on the user needs
  • Incorporate stronger calls to action
  • Streamline messages to present friendlier language
  • Improve navigational flow to leverage employee representation

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