5 Tips To Reenergize Your Organization’s Onboarding Experience

As organizations evolve, the process of managing onboarding of new employees can become inconsistent and unwieldy. The number of touch points often increase, the level and pace of interactions matures and catering to various expectations can limit how employees perceive the brand positively. Much is needed to help new joiners feel that they have made the right decision by joining the company and also be brand ambassadors. Here are 5 tips to get reenergize your firm’s employee onboarding experience.

·        Revisit your key messages: With most onboarding exercises taking place face-to- face and on the company premises it will help to have a recurring review of all messages shared by various teams. For most organizations the goals of running an orientation program are to establish the ways of working, explain what employees need to do to be successful and make the firm better and the opportunities to grow and soar to newer heights. However, what isn’t often articulated is how employees can be their own selves and yet contribute as brand ambassadors for the organization. The key objectives of any onboarding program are to reinforce why these new hires have made the right decision to join the firm and why they are valued for who they are, not just for the skills they bring to the table.

·        Value their time: Reorder the schedule to help new joiners be their best. If you know that some sessions are important yet deal with paperwork attempt moving them online or reduce the number of steps new hires need to do. Any orientation beyond two days can be tough to sustain and also put a strain on internal resources. Optimally leverage your leaders and internal teams such that you are able to establish a good balance of what is expected and what is possible within the organization’s framework.


·        Seek real-time feedback: New hires want to do their best for the organization and are hoping they can contribute from day one. Ask for informal and formal feedback to ascertain how the sessions are received, what can be modified and how the experience can be enhanced. Rather than wait for a quarter to collectively review the feedback you gain from surveys do more proactive pulse checks and iteratively improvise. Have your leaders directly meet and ask feedback. When employees view leaders as accessible and transparent they will feel more open to sharing their experiences.

·        Supportive environment: Navigating the workplace is the most important need for new hires. If it is a large firm they can feel lost among the processes and people around. Helping them find their way and integrate well, socialize to their best abilities are simple yet meaningful gestures that matter. Offer a buddy for each new hire, simplify the processes, provide a ready reference to online resources and give them time to settle in.

·        The next stage: It is the handover from onboarding to the ‘real’ deal that causes the biggest heartburn for new hires. There is often a business induction and if the changeover isn’t smooth they can feel like they joined another firm within a firm! Establish the plan much before the individual joins, provide context and what one can expect when the person hits the ground running. Share examples and experiences of people who have integrated well and how they can reach out if they want real-time tips.

To reenergize your onboarding experience requires empathy, clarity, and support which can go a long way in helping new employees feel proud and welcomed at the workplace.

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