A day in the life of an internal communications professional! Pen your thoughts…

I would like to hear from internal communications professionals on a day in their lives…how they spend their time and what activities do they invest in….

The best entries get a chance to be quoted in an upcoming article on the same subject.

Here is how my day goes…

I dive into a sea of e-mails..sorting out jobs which need immediate action and those that can be delegated to my team mates…(9.30-10am)

A pending video shoot gets it approval and I am close to shortlisting a set of employees who will provide the bytes..(11am)

An important leadership visit coincides with the opening of a large facility for the organization…the regular weekly update call takes place (12.30pm).

 I grab a quick bite at the cafeteria….I usually carry food from home…my wife’s delicious cooking…have a tea…become quite a habit and am back at my desk (1.30pm)

The organization is the key sponsor for an important technical education fair…branding and estimates need to be finalized..so also the list of speakers and conference abstracts…(2.30pm)

A series of critical memos are pending review…for people practice programs and leadership addresses….I edit the notes and send them over to the respective internal teams…( 3.30pm)

Branding issues are ironed out for a team investing in a townhall…artworks for the vendors creating collateral are provided…working closely with the advertising agencies I engage with….( 4.30pm)

 An internal communication campaign for the launch of a workshop series is penned and articulated on a call…(5pm).

Time to take a rain check on the shoot tomorrow…for an entry level video…I run through the speakers’ list and key speaking points…all on track…I close out finer points with the vendor….(6pm)

Tomorrow is an early day…need to catch up on sleep! I sign off on a fun filled, exciting day at work.

Now let me hear how your day goes…

Improving the internal communications practice

I have always wondered if internal communication professionals need to improve their own understanding of the business and enhance processes or do they need to make other employees better communicators to be successful at their jobs.

Anyday, I would pitch for the latter….by helping other employees and clients become better communicators, the internal communications professional can play the role of advisor and strategist.

Any differing viewpoints?

How does one qualify for an internal communications job?

At the end of my session on integrated marketing communications to the new batch of PGDM students of St. Josephs College of Business Adminstration (www.sjcba.ac.in) last weekend, I was quite expecting a question on landing a job in communications.

The question posed was – ‘Does one need a background in communications to land a job in this field?’.

My answer, was based on my experience and observations.

Most positions in this domain are filled by professionals from the advertising, PR or event management area of work. They would also have relevant experience in content writing or planning. Apart from that, what helps to get a job is the passion to follow what you like doing best.

For me, advertising was a field I liked. My first two jobs were with advertising agencies.  Apart from my regular job, I used to freelance for publications and magazines for feature articles. When I look back, this was what helped me get into a corporate communications role later on in my career.

What is your take on this?

where should internal communication sit?

I was asked an interesting question recently by Gautam Ghosh (http://gauteg.blogspot.com/), an organizational consultant. Where should internal communications sit as a function? Within HR or as part of a larger communications team.


This indeed is a debatable subject but research by Melcrum proves that internal communication experts can derive maximum benefit by aligning themselves closer to the businesses and to the senior leadership and not one single function.


At my previous assignment, the team was divided into centers of excellences which the entire organization used for specific domains like PR and advertising. In
India, most MNCs would follow the practice followed globally, be it a central team which manages work – which streams in from all parts of the globe or manage local communication that factors in local language and context.


I personally believe internal communication professionals must be aligned to a specific business or project and work closely with the internal teams to achieve the business objective. At a senior level one can play the role of advisor and mentor.