Marrying media, message and the ‘moment’


The findings of the 2006 Macro trends in Internal Communications (Stromberg Consulting) are eye-opening. It provides insight into areas which are shaping the future for this critical domain. The use of newer technological tools, the simplification and personalization of information and the growing pressure to show ROI for communication are the sign of the times. Not to discount the engagement model being adopted by most organizations to address the retention and attrition issues.


While the media vehicles and messages are often discussed, rarely do professionals account for the ‘moment’. Does a campaign need to be pulsed or flighted? Is there an opportune moment to launch a program? Can it be piggy-backed on another one?



Exit interviews should be an everyday phenomenon



I might be raising a stir by mentioning this but it is time we wake up and face reality. While exit interviews are a good way to learn why employees leave, what if you conducted them well in advance so as to pre-empt the decision of leaving?


How on earth do you find out if the employee is on the verge of quitting? That’s where taking employees seriously and conducting mock exit interviews during 1:1s work.


I recommend this for every HR and Communications function. We are so caught up in the running of the business that we do not critically ask for feedback and thereby risk losing valuable professionals by our indifference.


Ask the questions you would if the employee was leaving. Do you want to work in another domain? Are you sufficiently challenged in your work? Do you want to work part-time? Are you getting the training and support you need? What else would you like to do outside of work?


It does not hurt to ask the questions early…but a few weeks later, and you would have a lot more defending to do.



Yin and Yang of Internal Communications

 I received a warm response to my presentation on the Yin and Yang of internal communications at a St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration organized ‘Marketing and Communication Workshop’ on October 7, 2006.

While Chinese goods are the rage in town, little did I realize that Feng-Shui and Chinese take-aways are as popular as dal and roti in India! So the concept of Yin-Yang was easy to comprehend. But relating it to internal communications? Yin and Yang focus on the male-female, left brain-right brain, logical-creative, cold-hot, introverted-extroverted analogies. Super-imposing them with internal communications and you get a whole new way of looking at addressing issues. A balance should be achieved to make the right impact.

The hands-ons exercise (promoting a leadership visit using Yin-Yang) was well received and the participants arrived at interesting ideas on making the visit memorable using this technique.

 Any thoughts on how you can use left brain – right brain, passive-active communication ideas in employee communication? Do pen your views. Would love to hear them….