The ‘Triple A’ Strategy: get started on your New Media initiatives

Case study presentation by a participant

New Media and Public Relations

New Media in Corporate Communications – Overview and India perspective

 New Media and Internal Communications

Commoditization of the media

Here are some of our key recommendations from the New Media and Corporate Communications workshop on May 12, 2007 at Bangalore, India. We (Peter and I) call it the Triple A strategy to kick-start new media initiatives. 

Absorb: Understand the media

Adapt: Build into existing practices

Apply: Make a beginning


n      Search Technorati and other leading authorities on new media direction for subjects and mentions of your organization

n      Create and share the internal strategy with stakeholders

n      Identify the appropriate channels

n      Institute policies for electronic media usage ( this can started as a Wiki to get buy-in)

n      Replace e-mail with an internal blog and get the conversation started

n      Engage communities of practice on the intranet and offline

n      Wiki your intranet pages as a test case. Make employees accountable for content.

n      Conduct new media appreciation sessions

n      Have measurement mechanisms like rate a page, popular pages etc to weed out bad content

n      Highlight new media champions within the organization


Some closing words…..


n      Don’t be afraid to experiment

n      Be flexible

n      Get feedback from users

n      Don’t get frustrated

n      Start small, make a beginning

                        So go ahead…….Absorb – Adapt – Apply 

Presentations from the workshop are included in this post.

Reality TV now at your workspace!

The influence of reality shows on Indian and international television is visible in many forms of internal communication elements practices in this part of the world. I have come across numerous programs which borrow ideas from Indian Idol (a take on American Idol), the NDTV Big Fight, Zee Antakshari, Pogo’s ‘Just for Gags’ shows among others. Today, All Company Meets include a bit of these elements to keep audiences engaged and engrossed. Gone were the days when boring presentations were dished out on business updates and senior leadership handed out awards. Employee panels, mime shows, candid cameras are all part of the efforts to keep employees on the same page. I can foresee a day when cameras get ‘embedded’ in the CEO’s cabin to provide associates a ‘live’ experience! Or am I just taking it to extremes? Share your views.

Usability and relevance to internal communications

I was at a Usability Testing Workshop earlier this week (May 21, 22, 2007) in Bangalore conducted by Human Factors Inc, a user-design firm. Web designers, instructional experts, content writers were among the participants. I gathered interesting insights on user interaction and web usability. Over an Andhra lunch (Indian cuisine – considered to be very spicy!), the course facilitator reasoned why Usability required a wider reaches and attention compared to a more centralized option today. He felt Usability had greater ramifications once communications understood its ramifications.


I wondered why couldn’t techniques in Usability testing such as reverse-card sort, brand attributes, test of expectancy among others be reused for internal communications? I am sure validation of messages and clarity of thought can get sorted out.

New insights and New Media

The Saturday ( Bangalore, May 12, 2007) workshop on New Media and Corporate Communications gave me fascinating insights into the current mindset of communicators and students alike. The event was conducted splendidly – thanks to a wonderful effort by the soft spoken Dean of St. Joseph’s College of Business Adminstration – Edwin Castellino. Fr. Aveline D’Souza, the Director of the Institute set the context with interesting nuggets of wisdom.

Peter, my co-presenter was in his elements and held forth with simple examples from his experience.

The participants (36 in total) drawn from leading IT and non-IT organizations were keen to know more about the impact of new media in their day-to-day lives. There was a sense of curiosity on how new media can be tapped or incorporated into their current set-up considering the resistance to change and low levels of awareness.

 Though there was more basic questions around the impact of blogs vs wikis,  mobile blogging, the need for marketing and promoting blogs among others.

 All in all – a great experience for us!

Attended the workshop? Do share your comments…

Absorb-Adapt-Apply : sneak preview into the New Media workshop!

The only way to get ahead is to make a beginning! So while it makes sense to familiarize ourselves on the available options in new media, getting hands-on will get you moving. This workshop will highlight ways to leverage tools and use them effectively….the mantra is absorb-adapt and apply.

New Media to me means…


Probably we need to run a survey to find out what New Media or Social Media means to the consumer….while New Media is defined by communicators and commentators with interesting descriptions, my feeling is that the end-users do not perceive it in that fashion.

New Media to me means – an ability to be heard, an opportunity to explore and a forum to connect with like minded individuals.

I did a search on royalty free image websites for ‘New Media’. What was interesting to find common threads around people, technology and the feeling of accomplishment.


Another interesting viewpoint can be read here.