Internal communication lessons from customer engagement marketing

Over the last few months, I have watched with interest a host of customer engagement sites which create ‘stickyness’ based on the audience requirements.

 Take for example, Reebok’s, or AMD’s or even Sunsilk’s

 My favourite is HSBC’s which makes you think and relate to the Bank’s core message.

 Internal communication campaigns can draw from these insights…

…by aiming at communities of practices

…by chalking out interactive ideas for communicating messages

… by including new media techniques into campaigns

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Getting the best out of your employee videos

Employee videos are becoming an integral part of an internal communications campaign. The medium is accepted more widely due to its interactivity, the ability to creatively treat content among others.

 Based on my experience, below are some tips to create effective employee videos….

 1. Help employees understand the context: Instead of putting ‘heads’ in front of the camera, it makes sense to involve them in the making of the video. Give them a context on the medium, how and where it will be showcased. It also helps them get comfortable in front of the camera.

2. Recommend key messages: Allow them to build a script which is easy on their lips but recommend messages which need to get covered.

3. Understand the shelf-life of the video: Avoid dates and numbers which may limit the video’s shelf-life even if they mean a lot in the immediate setting.

4. Gender- netural: Keep speech gender-neutral – avoid slang usage – words like ‘guys’ which are meant to include both men and women can be misconstrued.

5. Be aware of cultural sentiments: If you video will get aired abroad or if you have expatriates working in your organization, be aware of the content and expectations.

Employee engagement and wacky inductions!


I was amused to view a video by Aditi Technologies and the extent they go to make ‘new recruits’ feel special on Day 1. Some provide freebies and joining bonuses, some entertain the employees, some go overboard!


Like the person who forwarded the message penned –


“It goes to show the extent software companies will go to in these days of hiring madness.”


You are left wondering if it is too much of gimmickry or are they consistent in what they do throughout the employee lifecycle?

 Anyway, view the video and decide….