Employee videos from India on You Tube

My new found interest in YouTube got me searching for employee videos to understand how organizations in India express themselves online.


The results returned some fascinating clips…sharing my favorites below.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynfg27tErNU (Frito Lay’s referral program)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTXL5Z6EZQs&feature=related (Thought Works, a day in the life of a developer)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV4RXX6Zer4 (Swipe Out – a parody by Infosys employees)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctK_CyKIz8I (What it is like to be at Frito Lay)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gPLW6Q-QLs (Frito Lay Buzz)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9fAEjGizs (HCL life)

The role of internal communicators – support staff or strategic advisors?

I was intrigued by a recent advertisement from a mining major in India seeking a manager for corporate communications. The expectations were to ‘support’, ‘manage’, ‘edit’ and ‘publish’ communication like newsletters and work to internal group requirements! And this was for a managerial role. Interestingly, the application required to have work experience between 5-10 years while for another similar opening for PR, it expected incumbents to have at least 10-15 years of suitable experience.


What do we infer?


Internal communication is not vital? Communicators are expected to do ‘what is expected’ and not challenge the status quo? PR is higher up in the pecking order due to its ‘visibility’?


I wish I could rewrite that advertisement to signify more credibility for the internal communication role considering the impact and importance the position delivers.


Contrast the description to one I found for a communications position in South Africa.


” You will have to influence key decisions at a senior level and a strategic vision which allows you to translate strategy into tactical implementation. Knowledge of complex environments and structures would be beneficial. “



Involvement and identification – key to better commitment and engagement

The recent BW-HR Anexi BlessingWhite Employee

Engagement Survey 2008 shows that Indians are highly engaged as employees. While these are excellent signs, as human resource and internal communication professionals we cannot afford to get complacent.


The study reports that the acid test is how organization’s proactively tackle increased competition for talent, a potential slowdown and demanding employees.


Employee engagement is a more recent term; organizational commitment has been widely studied and has been around longer. I recently read a paper on which demonstrated linkages between corporate culture (teamwork, communication, reward and recognition, and training and development) and organizational commitment.

Quite similar to the results from this study which shows the top three drivers for engagement as a)
development opportunities and training; b) regular, specific feedback about how I’m doing ; and c) greater clarity about what the organization needs me to do and why.


Internal communicators and human resource professionals need to create opportunities where employees feel more valued (identification) while allowing them to add value (involvement).


Research has found that organizations that communicate regularly and openly with their employees are more likely to gain their commitment than employers that do not. Also that internal communications helps to influence “fundamental beliefs, values, and attitudes necessary for employee empowerment and commitment to quality and service”.


I personally believe that organizations that walk the talk stand to gain during trying times as employees perceive or sense the level of commitment to their cause.

Upcoming workshop in Bangalore, India – Internal Communication essentials – tools, techniques and tricks

Sharing details of a workshop on internal communication in Bangalore.


Internal Communication essentials – tools, techniques and tricks


In June/July, 2008


·         Is it challenging to manage internal communications and business expectations? Unsure of how to target your diverse audiences? Having trouble choosing the right mix of channels and messages? Breaking a sweat over employee engagement issues? Keen to justify investment in communication?


Attend this hands-on workshop to learn more about addressing these challenges.


Get a free evaluation of your internal collateral and plan at the  workshop! Submit your entries to intraskope@yahoo.com by June 20, 2008.


Workshop objectives:


·         Outline the basics of internal communication from a practitioner’s perspective

·         Share proven, effective practices and tools being used by internal communicators to engage employees and deliver lasting business results.


What will you gain?


·         Understanding of internal communication and suitable tools

·         Insight into the latest trends, thinking and new developments

·         Learning how leading organizations and their communicators reach out to stakeholders and build credibility for their communication

·         Influence opinion and action of your stakeholders.


Topics Include:


·         Introduction and thoughts on effective internal communication

·         Leveraging employees for business success – (case study from a leading management consultancy and discussion)

·         Getting a seat at the table for internal communication – (discussion)

·         Making internal communication succeed – (case study from a large financial services organization and discussion)


Time:                            9:00 am – 2.00 pm with lunch and a coffee break

Venue:                          To be confirmed

Seats:                           25 participants

Target Group:            2-7 years of experience. Also those who are pursuing a career in Internal Communication, Employee Relations.


Methodology:             Presentations, hand-outs, case study and exercises


Feedback from previous session:


“It was a great knowledge generating session. The workshop threw light on various aspects of new media and its relevance in corporate communications. Wished if it was a day’s workshop so that we could get more insights on this.”

Daphne Annie Jacob

“Dear Aniisu, It was indeed a very practical and illuminating session, and all of has found a lot to learn. I was particularly impressed by the amount of backgrounding done; it was awesome. Count us in for future workshops!”

P Shankar

“Hi Aniisu, as always, it’s great to exchange ideas and thoughts with you. The presentation was really good – you were right on target…and the sessions were pretty interactive and informative…”

Sudhir Shetty

Hi Aniisu, The workshop was definitely useful and gave us interesting insights on new media.”



Further details: http://www.intraskope.wordpress.com


About the facilitator:


Aniisu Verghese has ten years of experience in the evolving internal communication arena, online media and corporate communications. He currently works as an internal communication expert for a global investment management company, where he oversees employee communication and internal branding. Prior to his current role Aniisu worked for Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, i-flex solutions and Accenture.


He has won several employee communication awards and writes regularly for management and industry publications. Aniisu is passionate about engaging fellow communication practitioners through workshops and presentations.  

Visit Aniisu’s blog at http://www.intraskope.wordpress.com.


Forthcoming workshops:


1.      Practical Internal Communications – strategy through execution and measurement

2.      Advanced Internal Communications – what the best communicators do to achieve business success


 Interested? drop me a line at intraskope@yahoo.com