leadership blog launch and tips

I recently learnt a few things while supporting a leadership blog launch.

Start with an objective in mind –  do you want to connect people, build visibility for the leader, improve hits to the portal among others.

Mastering the tool/software is essential – before you can guide the leader on using the blog, do your own research and learn as much as you can to be a hands-on expert. Do a test post and check functionalities.

Think ahead of the blog – once you agree to an expectation on the frequency of publishing, think ahead of the curve and guide the leader on current issues which you have a window into.

Know the company’s glossary – be familar with the terminology and adapt the content accordingly. Set a process of editing, reviewing and monitoring the blog’s popularity.

Take a stand – you need to advise the leader if the post does not read appropriate. So, a certain level of trust is vital to the success of the blog.

Do a pulse of the blog – check how the blog posts get received by sharing it with a few employees across levels and locations.


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