5 thoughts on “Does Culture play a role in Social Media adoption in India Internal Communications?

  1. Two things:

    1) Lots of people are lurkers and subscribers and not vocal participants anywhere. Indeed, in the west, there’s a formula: 1% of members supply majority of content, 9% supply the rest, and 90% just lurk.

    HOWEVER, those 90% lurkers are not dead contacts–they may well talk off-line about what they see (particularly in an internal communication context). And there are emerging tools and systems out there that reduce the work and exposure required to participate (voting and polling integrated into social communication software, for instance).

    2) Application of social network thinking is not contingent on adoption of social network software. Indeed, you can identify, connect and mobilize your own internal social networks using nothing but a telephone and an excel spreadsheet.

    Happy to discuss–here or off-line.

    Mike Klein

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