Nine Expectations of an Internal Communicator – Press Coverage in People Matters

Sharing my article titled ‘9 expectations of an internal communicator’ in People Matters which identifies and elaborates the top fundamentals, which every internal communicator needs to have to be effective in the role.

About the publication:

ion: People Matters is a leading knowledge and media platform in the Human Resources space. It has a specialized print magazine, newsletter and website for managers in India and abroad interested in understanding the practical aspect of managing, developing and coaching talent in India. It focuses on the delivery of the content through the real life experiences of corporate leaders in the industry. The editorial is structured to provide accessible and practical information to help companies implement people practices initiatives successfully. In the short span of three years, it has emerged as India’s single point of reference for knowledge in the HR industry.

“Internal Communications – Insights, Practices and Models” launched

I am delighted to announce the launch of my book that features practical advice and resources for results driven communicators and leaders.

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Available at: (For India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) (Rest of the world)

The book which covers among other topics internal communications basics, measurement, career management tips, team building, internal social media integration, message creation and leadership communication is the first of its kind in the region.

Internal communications, a sub-function of corporate communications is crucial for the success of any organization.

According to the recently concluded 7th Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) study the area of internal communications is experiencing expansion.  In addition to growth in social media the public relations and communications field is experiencing growth in the areas of Internal Communications, up from 47% to 58% of respondents have taken on responsibility over the last two years.

This further reiterates the need for greater focus on internal communications, the gap this book attempts to cover. This book provides insights that will help practitioners manage the function and benchmark against global trends.

Along with ground-up viewpoints, easy to implement ideas and simple templates for leaders and communicators across all industries, the book articulates proven communication strategies and skills practitioners need to create strategic internal communication plans and campaigns, messaging for employees, insights to instill organizational certainty and change, chart careers and drive business outcomes.

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You can also get a copy of the book on the following sites:–&_r=XPodqiVjmNv0yZrgf3fOqA–&ref=4d3751ab-d2b3-4d3f-ae98-371bef95d9c0&otracker=start

I am interested in your feedback and perspectives.

How can I create an internal communications plan?

A couple of weeks ago an IT professional turned internal communicator posed this question to me.

In this post I am sharing context about the need as a case for us to reflect on. I invite you to share your recommendations that can empower other internal communicators to get better at crafting plans.

Rony joined Winners Limited, a 250 person software solutions firm as a technology specialist right out of college. He liked the culture – informal and direct. Leaders were easily accessible and the organization had roots in a community based life transformation outfit.

After 5 years of technology implementation Rony sought a change. He joined the sales and marketing group. Since the organization didn’t have a formal internal communications function his leadership sought his help on a ‘voluntary’ basis. They requested him to research what it takes and come back with an approach to move ahead.

Rony researched on the internet and although he did find some resources he wasn’t sure if he was making headway. He had the passion for doing this work. However, he had some fundamental questions in his mind. The organization had staff in 2 cities in India and there were an equal number at both offices. So far internal communications only meant messages going from leaders to employees and vice versa. A couple of teams had created their own newsletters to share information.

  • How can Rony go about creating a concrete plan for his organization that will add tangible value?
  • How should he begin planning?
  • What are the key focus areas that he should consider before planning?

Share your perspectives here. I am hopeful that Rony will gain immensely from your insights.

Press coverage in the Pioneer: ‘Be a linking tool’ Shares Perspectives on a Career in Internal Communications

My opinion article  appeared in the ‘Avenues’ section of The Pioneer (Oct 3, 2012). The article titled ‘Be a linking tool’ explains what is internal communications and how a career in internal communications is not only fulfilling and enriching nowadays apart from being highly sought after.

About the Publication : The Pioneer was founded in Allahabad in 1865 by George Allen, an Englishman who had had great success in the tea business in north-east India in the previous decade. It  is an English language newspaper in India with a circulation figure of 245,000. It is published from multiple locations in India, including Delhi. It is the second oldest English language newspaper in India that is operational. In 2010, The Pioneer launched a Hindi version in Lucknow.